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As Seen On: RealClearPolitics

Echo of Innovation: How Voice AI Is Becoming the Voice of Tomorrow

SalesMonster AI made the homepage of RealClearPolitics! 

Discover how on customer used SalesMonster AI’s cutting-edge Voice AI technology to revolutionize political
advocacy. Our technology played a pivotal role in informing voters about critical legislation, influencing their opinions, and driving action.

It seamlessly transferred calls to congressional representatives, offices, allowing constituents to voice their support—all without the caller ever realizing they weren’t speaking to a human.

Explore our feature on RealClearPolitics to see the full story


Future Solutions for Modern-Day Challenges

Building and Sustaining Support: Our AI call center crafts personalized messages to drive desired voter actions, such as educating voters about upcoming legislation, and live transferring the call to elected official’s offices to express support or opposition.

Streamline Fundraising Efforts: Transform your fundraising with AI-driven calls that efficiently reach out to potential donors with compelling, personalized messages so sophisticated, it sends payment methods and process donations.

Survey and Polling: Gather valuable voter opinions and sentiments with automated surveys, enhancing your campaign strategy.

Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) Efforts: Mobilizing voters to ensure they vote on election day is a significant operational challenge. Deploy AI voice calls to remind voters about election dates, polling locations, and provide information on how to vote, increasing turnout rates.

Negative Campaigning and Opposition Attacks: Navigating negative campaigning and maintaining a positive image is crucial. The Sales Monster AI Call Center can quickly disseminate factual and positive content to counteract misinformation, ensuring the campaign’s narrative remains focused and positive.

Inform and Educate Voters: Deploy our SalesMonster to provide voters with accurate, up-to-date information on policies and voting procedures, ensuring a well-informed electorate ready to make knowledgeable decisions.

Gather Insightful Feedback: Utilize Voice AI to conduct surveys and collect feedback, offering real-time insights into voter sentiments and preferences, enabling data-driven adjustments to campaign strategies.

Master the Political Arena.
Utilize Voice AI to speak directly to the hearts and minds of voters with precision.
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Why Choose SalesMonster Ai?

Unmatched Efficiency: With Voice AI, experience lightning-fast response times and 24/7 availability.

Cost-Effective Solutions: We require fewer employees, infrastructure, and maintenance than call centers, passing savings to you.

Scalable and Flexible: Whether you’re a startup or a multinational corporation, our solutions adapt to your business needs.

Enhanced Customer Experience: AI-driven interactions offer personalized service that improves satisfaction and loyalty.


More efficient than a human employee!

An average hourly cost that is lower than minimum wage in most US states!

Equipped with unparalleled features including infinite memory, flawless recall, and the ability to autonomously connect to 5,000+ applications.

No training, management, or motivation required—it’s your 24/7, 365-day solution that just works! Elevate your expectations with cutting-edge technology that redefines efficiency and convenience.

New Technology

Hear a sample of our telephone Voice Ai models.

We offer a range of Ai voices that sound like a real person. and responds with a level of fluency, context-awareness, and emotional nuance that closely resembles genuine human dialogue. 

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Voice Ai that does the full job of a real person.

More efficient than a human employee, with an average hourly cost that is lower than minimum wage in most US states! With Voice AI technology you can effortlessly gather information during calls and then update records or book appointments.

Ai makes calls

Ai will establish thousands of calls that are verified answered by a human each month

Ai Receives Calls

Each Ai Agent comes with a dedicated phone line

See All Data Collected

Each Ai Agent comes with a Google Sheet of Live Calls with Audio and Transcript of Each Call

Send TXT and Emails

Each Ai agent can trigger txt messages or emails with embedded links during the call

Ways to use our PLatform

Voice Ai for all types of business needs

Debt Collection Ai

Telephone voice AI revolutionizes debt collection by automating debtor interactions, enhancing efficiency and repayment rates, while raising concerns about privacy and the loss of human empathy in financial dealings.

Calendar Booking Ai

Voice AI for telephone appointment booking automates scheduling tasks, offering convenient and efficient calendar management while maintaining personalization and privacy in organizing commitments.

Hubspot CRM Ai

Voice AI used in data collection efficiently gathers and saves information directly into a CRM, streamlining customer engagement and enhancing data accuracy.

Political Ai

Enhance your political campaign or movement with AI-driven two-way voice calling technology that revolutionizes your voter engagement.

Data Collection Ai

Voice AI for data collection effectively gathers and transfers information into Google Sheets, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in organizing and managing data.

Conversational Ai

Conversational AI offers engaging and responsive interactions, simulating human conversation to enhance user experience and streamline communication processes.

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Voice Ai that works for all types of use cases.

Your questions answered

Common questions

Understanding that each CRM comes with its unique set of features and data handling capabilities, SalesMonster Voice AI is designed to adapt. Whether you’re using HubSpot’s robust marketing tools, HighLevel’s all-in-one sales and marketing platform, or Salesforce’s comprehensive customer success solutions, our Voice AI can integrate smoothly. The key to our system’s versatility lies in its ability to customize the integration based on the specific data payload captured during calls.

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Our technology uses artificial intelligence to manage and conduct phone conversations, often for purposes like customer service, appointment booking, or information gathering.

The AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to interpret speech, allowing it to understand and respond to various queries and statements in a conversational manner.

Yes, our voice Ai systems are trained on diverse speech patterns, enabling them to comprehend and interact with a wide range of accents and dialects.

Yes, our telephone voice AI platforms offers integration capabilities with existing CRM systems, databases, and other business tools.

The Future Is Now!

"No Coding" Telephone Voice Ai That Gets You More Sales. Better Leads. Support. Awareness. Anything 🙂

Introducing the world’s first ever telephone Ai that can have 2-way conversations that sound like a REAL human.

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